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October 26, 2023

Sunsynk Inverter Review

Solar inverter review

Sunsynk are a leading renewable manufacturer, specialising in battery and inverter technology. Established over 20 years ago, the company has developed rapidly, specialising in cutting-edge solar storage solutions. Their main products are solar storage batteries and inverters, which receive energy and distribute it to and from the electricity grid.

Sunsynk continues to research and develop advanced renewable technology, aiming to set new standards in home renewable energy systems. Headquartered in Hong Kong, they have a global network of offices, distributors and installers.

Sunsynk’s Bi-directional Inverter

Sunsynk, in partnership with some other technology companies, has invented a new type of inverter, termed a bi-directional inverter. It is a device that connects the battery to the local mains AC connection.

This enables users to fast-charge a storage battery during the day when AC power is cheap, saving it up for usage in the evening when the electricity price goes up. Stored power can be used for energy-consuming appliances like EVs or washing machines. It is ideal for residential and light commercial use.

This inverter has an additional device called a CT coil which is used to detect any power that is not being exported and prevent it from feeding back to the mains.

While its main use will be to augment home solar arrays and increase their efficiency and ROI by ensuring that power can be stored in batteries or drawn from the grid when needed, Sunsynk inverters are also compatible with wind turbines, so are quite versatile.


The manufacturer’s warranty offered is five years.

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Deeper Dive into Sunsynk Inverters




These multifunctional inverters incorporate the functions of an inverter, solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support for a home renewable system. It can receive power from solar panels or batteries, and transmit and receive power from the conventional AC grid. It is capable of running energy-hungry appliances like air conditioners, dishwashers and washing machines.

These inverters are available in 3.6kW or 5kW models. This can manage power from multiple input sources such as solar panels, grids, and generators, even wind turbines. 

The unit also has a built-in generator integration port that enables the inverter to start a generator, if one is connected. The Sunsynk hybrid inverter also includes smart load management which is combined with a built-in limiter. This technology ensures that energy from the solar panels is optimised and can be directed to where it is needed the most.

The grid limiter feature can prevent the reverse flow of extra energy and the innovative smart load function helps to supply energy to the higher power requiring appliances, such as washing machines. 

It has MPPT (Maximum Peak Power Tracking) – what this means is that when the solar energy output varies, for example when a cloud passes over the sun and the solar panel’s energy drops, the unit can squeeze the maximum amount of power available and direct it where it is needed. This extra couple of percent power might not seem like much but will add up to a sizeable chunk of energy over the years.

Normally wall-mounted, the inverter housing is a compact unit. It is rated at IP65, water and dust-proof, so it can be deployed outdoors, but this is to be avoided if possible. Placement should ideally be in a protected location such as a garage, utility room, or carport. This will ensure a longer lifespan for the inverter and mean it is easier to access if needed for maintenance and servicing.

The unit needs sufficient clearance to allow for air cooling. Generally this should be half to one metre around the inverter, but that should not be too difficult to arrange in most locations with careful siting.

The controls are on the front panel. Like most modern renewable power systems control units, it can be remote-controlled from a phone or other device using an app. This requires Sunsynk Connect data-logger which is downloadable from the Sunsynk website.  The colour touch-screen LCD display offers user-configurable and easily-accessible button operations such as battery charging, AC/solar charging, and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.


This inverter range has the following safety features:


  • Overload/over-temperature/short-circuit protection.
  • Smart battery charger design for optimised battery protection.
  • Limiting function installed to prevent excess power overflow to the grid.
  • Automatic shut down and restart in case of an error.


Sunsynk Inverter Efficiency

Sunsynk inverters are highly efficient. The Sunsynk inverter efficiency ranges from around 97.6% to 98.4%, which is very good performance. Efficiency of this level ensures that minimal power is wasted.

In terms of price, Sunsynk Inverters are not particularly cheap, but given their technological sophistication, which is in advance of other competing models, the cost of the inverter is reasonable.

Sunsynk Inverter Specifications


Product Type  Hybrid Inverter
Enclosure  IP65
Ambient Temperature  -45ºC ~ 60ºC (>45ºC derating)
Protection Level  Class I
Charge Mode
Battery Voltage  48Vd.c (40Vd.c ~ 60Vd.c)
Battery Current  120Ad.c (max.)
AC Input Voltage  L/N/PE 220/230Va.c
AC Input Frequency  50/60Hz
AC Input Rated Current  22.7Aa.c
Max. AC Input Current  25Aa.c (max.)
Max. AC Input Power  5500W
Max. Apparent Output Power  5500VA
PV Input Voltage  370Vd.c (125Vd.c ~ 500Vd.c)
MPPT Input Voltage  150Vd.c ~ 425Vd.c
PV Input Current  13Ad.c + 13Ad.c
Max. PV Input Power  6500W
Max. PV Isc  17Ad.c + 17Ad.c
AC Output Voltage  L/N/PE 220/230Va.c
AC Output Frequency  50/60Hz
AC Output Rated Current  22.7Aa.c
Max. AC Output Current  25Aa.c (max.)
Max. AC Output Power  5500W
AC Output Rated Power  5500VA
AC Output Power Factor  0.95 leading to 0.95 lagging
Max. AC Isc  75Aa.c
Battery Discharge Voltage  40Vd.c ~ 60Vd.c
Battery Discharge Current  120Ad.c (max.)
Battery Discharge Power 5000W
Stand Alone
AC Output Voltage  L/N/PE 220/230Va.c
AC Output Frequency  50/60Hz
AC Output Rated Current  22.7Aa.c
AC Output Rated Power  5500W
Max. Continuous AC Pass-through Current  35Aa.c
Peak Output Power  10000W (10 seconds)
Battery Discharge Voltage  40Vd.c ~ 60Vd.c
Max. Discharge Current  120A (max.)
Compliance  VDE-AR-N 4105:1028-11; DINVDE V 0124-100:2020-06; IEC/

EN62109-1/2:2010; IEC/EN62109-1/2:2011

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Sunsynk Inverter FAQs

Q: What does on- and off-grid mean?

A: Sunsynk batteries and inverters can operate linked up to the normal grid, but also in off-grid configuration, and can power a building purely from its own generated energy.


Q: Does MPPT matter that much?

A: Yes, the small increase in efficiency in sub-optimal conditions, e.g. low-light, cloudy days, etc., will result in a significant energy gain and better ROI over a number of years of operation.


Q: Can you site the inverter on an outside wall?

A: You certainly can. Its IP65 specification means it will withstand rain and dust. However, for the longest lifespan it is better to put it indoors, or at the very least in a protected location like under the eaves of the roof or in a carport.


Sunsynk Inverter Summary

Sunsynk is a major inverter brand, with some technological features that other inverters do not support, such as automatic generator start and the bi-directional module. This makes them a short-listing item for anyone planning to install or upgrade a solar panel system with energy storage.

The unit is robust and reasonably compact. Like most similar systems it is remote-controllable via a phone or tablet, so you don’t have the inconvenience of  changing any settings in a cold setting like a garage. Likewise any alerts from the system will be transmitted to your phone.

The only negatives for this brand is that some consumers have been unhappy about the customer support they have received. On the other hand, out of a large number of these units in the marketplace, there are bound to be a few negative experiences for users.

Overall, Sunsynk Inverters are among the top-selling brands in this sector of the renewable energy marketplace because of the leading technologies incorporated into them, so certainly warrant consideration as a component of a home or small commercial microgrid solar power system.

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