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Save up to £370 on your energy bills each year with loft insulation

Effective loft insulation results in superior thermal performance, significant savings on your energy bills, and a reduction in your home's carbon footprint. With top quality insulation, you'll enjoy a warmer home and improved EPC ratings. Get to know loft insulation and its installation costs with Effective Home.

      You could qualify for free loft insulation funding under the ECO schemes

      The ECO and Great British Insulation (GBIS) schemes provide free grants for home insulation measures, including loft insulation, to help households:

      How Effective Home Can Help With Free Loft Insulation Funding

      1  As a local insulation installer, Effective Home carry out a check to see if you are eligible for free insulation funding from the energy companies under the Government-backed schemes

      2   We arrange a free home survey to ensure your property meets the criteria

      3   An installation date for your home insulation, when it suits you

      If you are eligible for loft insulation funding, you could have your loft space insulated for free, or a fraction of the cost. Get in touch on 0333 003 0703 and we can help, or check if you qualify.

      Why choose Effective Home for loft insulation?
      Free, no-obligation home energy survey
      Simple process with quick turnaround
      Hassle-free – our experts will leave your home clean and tidy
      Approved installers and certified products
      Peace of mind guarantees on all home insulation
      25-year guarantee on all loft insulation
      Over 30 years’ insulation experience
      Increase your home’s EPC energy rating

      Effective loft insulation that makes all the difference

      Insulation isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. What’s right for one property won’t be right for another. The best first step is to have Effective inspect the loft space you have first to determine the right loft insulation approach for your home.

      Typically, lofts will have one of the following methods of insulation:

      There’s also a range of materials to choose from for insulation, ranging from natural materials and recycled materials to man-made. Our team at Effective Home are expert insulation installers, so we can help you decide on the most suitable insulating material and type for your loft space.

      You could qualify for free loft insulation under the ECO & GBIS schemes

      Check If You Qualify

          Benefits of loft insulation

          Reduced heat loss & lower energy bills

          Increased value of property (EPC)

          Feels warmer inside home


          Effective for lifetime of property

          Potential noise isolation

          Easy to install

          Costs and savings on energy bills

          By installing insulation, you’ll enjoy many loft insulation benefits including reduced heat loss in your home, reduced energy consumption, and therefore a reduction in the amount you pay each month in heating bills. Loft insulation will also have a positive impact on outside noise, especially in the upper floor, and reduce your home’s carbon emissions.

          Usually, loft insulation works effectively for at least 40 years and you’ll recover the cost (and then some) by using less energy over the course of its lifetime.


          Cost of loft insulation

          from £350 for a 3-bed house

          Insulating your loft could

          save up to £370 a year on your heating bills
          023-eco house

          Carbon footprint impact

          Save 1000kg CO2 a year carbon dioxide savings

          Types of loft insulation based on your loft space

          How Effective Home can insulate your loft space effectively

          For uninsulated lofts

          Loft insulation rolls of Knauf mineral wool or earthwool insulation – 270mm thick.

          Insulation material will be laid initially between the joists in your loft to cover the base of your loft and ensure the loft floor is insulated. After that, another layer is added to reach the 270mm required thickness.

          Top up an insulated loft

          Thinner rolls of Knauf mineral wool or earthwool insulation – 120mm to 270mm.

          If your current loft insulation isn’t to the recommended depth to satisfy building regulations for loft roll insulation, we can top it up to 270mm with an extra 150mm layer of mineral wool. This could save you a further £25 a year on your bills – ask us for a price.

          Pipes, water tanks and loft hatch

          Insulating between the joists of your loft will keep your house warmer, but not the roof space above.

          To prevent cooler air in your insulated loft, meaning cold draughts come through the loft hatch, we fit an insulated loft hatch and put strips of draught-excluding material around the hatch edges.

          For loft conversion

          If you’re insulating a loft conversion you use as living space then you may need to install insulation differently.

          Speak with a member of our team if you want to install loft insulation in living spaces.

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          Loft Insulation FAQs

          Generally, yes. So long as the property has an accessible loft and doesn’t have moisture problems in the loft (which can cause your insulation to fail), we’ll be able to insulate it with an effective thermal barrier.

          Generally, we recommend installing rolls of mineral wool when installing insulation in your loft as it’s easy to work with and has incredible thermal insulation properties that will protect your home from the cold and retain its heat more effectively.

          We’ll layer the insulation to ensure a thorough coverage and to make sure the insulation reaches around 270mm, the minimum recommendation for a loft to ensure thermal efficiency.

          Typically, we’ll insulate tanks and pipes, too, as this will prevent them from freezing in the cold loft. Ventilation is also key to ensure there isn’t a build up of moisture that could potentially cause your insulation to fail. As such, we’ll install roof or vent tiles where necessary.

          Trusting professionals to install loft insulation for you is absolutely the best choice you can make. Whilst it’s possible to install loft insulation yourself, it has to be done perfectly in order to ensure its effectiveness.

          Problems with installation can lead to damp problems which vary depending on the issue created. For example, thermal bridging can lead to cold penetrating your home more easily due to improperly installed loft insulation. This then negates the point of having loft insulation in the first place.

          Our professional team at Effective Home will always follow industry best practices to ensure your loft insulation is perfectly placed for a warmer home.

          The numbers vary based on the quality of your loft insulation, type, installation method, and fuel prices at the time of any comparison you make.

          With that said, Energy Saving Trust estimates that you could make the following savings depending on your property type:

          • Detached house: £370
          • Semi-detached house: £225
          • Mid-terrace house: £200
          • Detached bungalow: £360

          Savings are estimated based on fuel prices in April 2024. These numbers will vary depending on the price of fuel at the time of any comparison made.

          This does, however, show that you can make significant savings each year with loft insulation.

          Prices of installing loft insulation vary depending on the type, material, size of your loft space, and other factors. Whether you are improving your loft’s insulation or adding loft insulation for the first time will also have a bearing on cost.

          For some households, how environmentally friendly the insulation material is can be a key consideration and this can impact on insulation cost. For example, some insulating materials are made of recycled products, such as recycled plastic bottles. For an up-to-date loft insulation quote, contact us today.

          Yes, through schemes such as the Great British Insulation Scheme and ECO4, free insulation for your loft is a possibility. Preventing heat loss brings numerous benefits that makes such funding schemes a key part of key Government policy for hitting carbon neutral targets. Check if you qualify for loft insulation grants with Effective Home today.