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Solar finance options to help you manage the cost of investing in solar

You don't have to pay for new PV panels, smart batteries, or your full solar energy all in one go. We can lighten your load with affordable ways to pay, including flexible monthly payments and paying via credit or debit card.
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Solar is more affordable than ever

With the prices of solar products having fallen markedly in recent years, and household energy bills having rocketed, there has never been a better time to make the investment in solar. Whereas the cost of a solar panel system might have put them out of reach for many households previously, solar panel installation is now a realistic prospect for so many more homeowners.

Choose to install solar panels only, or opt for a solar panel plus battery storage package, to make the most of your solar PV system. Alternatively, you might be looking to add a solar battery to an existing solar set up.

Solar panel financing

You can opt to pay for your solar installation upfront, or spread the cost of a new solar system with our flexible solar panel finance options. With affordable solar panel loans available, your solar panel cost can become more manageable.

Effective Home offers easy payment plans for solar panels and solar batteries over 15 years* with a small deposit.

Here are some solar panel finance examples to give you an idea of solar panels cost and potential repayments on a new solar system.

solar finance

Solar Panels only

120 months – 11.9% APR £89.27/mo

solar and battery

Solar PV Panels & Standard Battery

120 months – 11.9% APR £142.77/mo

Don't forget about some of the reasons you should start your solar journey…

Solar is good for the environment

  • No fossil fuels
  • No greenhouse gases
  • No water pollution

Solar is good for your energy bills

  • Lower energy bills
  • Add a smart battery to store energy to use later
  • Sell excess electricity generated back to the Grid

Solar is affordable

from £7,050 for a typical 3-bed house

  • Cost of solar products have been falling in real terms
  • Finance available subject to status and affordability
  • Low maintenance costs – solar systems largely take care of themselves

Still not convinced of the benefits of solar energy?

Yeah, we understand. It’s a big financial commitment to make and you want to be sure that it makes financial sense before you commit to a solar panel installation.

What is certain is solar panels will save you on your electricity bills each year – that is a given. How much you will save will, in part, depend on how much you are at home during the day to make full use of the free electricity that your solar panels are producing.

If you include a solar battery as part of your solar PV system, and also benefit from Smart Export Guarantee payments by selling excess power generated to the Grid, then you can maximise the savings you will make.

The Energy Saving Trust Estimates the following annual savings for a property in London based on how much the property is occupied during the day, and therefore using some of the electricity produced by solar panels.


Annual saving with SEG

Annual saving without SEG

Home all day



Home in mornings



Home in afternoons



Out all day until 4pm



Out all day until 6pm




If you bear in mind that most solar panels last around 20-25 years, if not longer in some cases, this means you could be enjoying these annual savings for years to come. Your solar investment will more than pay for itself in the long-term.

0% VAT to pay on solar

To make solar energy an even more attractive proposition, and help households with energy bills, the UK government has reduced VAT to 0% on solar installations and other energy-saving measures. This VAT-free period will run until March 2027, at which point the VAT rate will return to 5%.

Government estimates are that this rate reduction will save a typical household more than £1,000 in solar panel installation costs, in addition to the annual bill savings that you’ll enjoy. The 0% VAT applies to both the products supplied by the solar panel installer as well as the costs of installation.

Solar panel grants

Another option to make your solar system more affordable is to consider seeing if you are eligible for solar grant assistance. Free funding is available to eligible UK households who may be able to receive full or partial funding for their solar installation.

If you qualify for part funding then you could potentially spread the cost of the remaining amount to be paid using solar panel finance. With flexible finance and other payment options available, you could soon be enjoying the savings from solar panels.

See how Effective Home can help you

Enquire today to get a no-obligation free solar quote. If you want to proceed then we can assist you with solar finance and payment options to suit you.

Common Finance Example

As an example, one of our most common options is:


Solar Panels


Solar Battery


Full Installation Cost

15 Year

Contract Length
And if this doesn’t suit you, we have a variety of other plans available. Get in touch today!

You would pay only


per month

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