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October 24, 2023

Sunsynk Battery Review

Solar battery review

If you have solar panels, then a battery storage system increases flexibility and allows you to store energy for when it is needed. There are many brands of home storage batteries on the market, one of these being major Chinese manufacturer Sunsynk.

The company has a battery range which matches well with residential solar panel arrays. From 1 to 16 batteries can be linked up to each inverter and solar system. This means the setup can be flexible for any type of dwelling and a variety of different photovoltaic panel configurations.

Established over 20 years ago, Sunsynk is part of the Global Tech China Group and has established its position as a major solar storage solution brand. Headquartered in Hong Kong, it sells its products globally, particularly to the residential market.


Sunsynk Sun-Batt-5.32 Main Features

The Sunsynk Sun-Batt-5.32 is a lithium-ion battery designed for residential solar systems, both grid-connected and off-grid applications. The cells are produced by CATL, a global leader in lithium-ion battery development and manufacturing.

This 5.32kWh battery has a decent life span, expected to be around 10-years or more under normal usage. It comes with a five year product warranty which is non extendable, and a ten year performance warranty. 

The module consists of lithium ferro phosphate rechargeable batteries with 5.32kWh capacity rated at 51.2V and 104Ah with a built-in battery management system.

Up to 8 batteries can be linked in parallel, giving a total capacity of 42.56kWh per inverter. The unit has an 80% Depth of Discharge (DoD), meaning that users can discharge a significant portion of the stored electricity without impacting on battery longevity.

The unit has software to regulate operation and monitor for any abnormalities in function. It can communicate via the internet to any remote control and monitoring apps that are part of a smart energy management system. 

Sunsynk uses a management app called Sunsynk Connect. Users can easily access real-time data on their energy production, consumption, and storage, as well as receive alerts and notifications if any problems are detected. They can also adjust their system settings and preferences remotely, optimising their energy usage and maximising their savings. 

The system allows users to access features such as the update/upgrade option, remote programming, and energy trading with Octopus Agile.

It has an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 20, meaning that the battery is reasonably protected against solids or liquids penetrating the casing and damaging the systems within. Although this product is quite robust, it is always advisable to ensure that the electronic components of a renewable system, including inverters and batteries, are in a protected location. For example, an attic, garage, car-port or utility room. This will ensure the longest possible lifespan for the equipment. It is also easier to perform checks and maintenance if the unit is readily accessible.

The unit can be floor standing. Alternatively it is able to be wall-mounted and comes with a mount and bracket kit to attach it to a convenient wall.

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Sunsynk Battery Specifications


Nominal Voltage  51.2 Vdc
Nominal Capacity  104Ah
Battery Energy  5320 Wh
Charge Voltage  55.68~56.16Vdc
Discharge Voltage  45.6-56.16 Vdc
Nominal Charge/Discharge Current  50A
Nominal Charge/Discharge Power  2500W
Max Charge / Discharge Current  100A
Max Charge / Discharge Power  5000W
Short Circuit Current  350A
Display  SOC status indicator, LED indicator
Communication  RS232, RS485, CAN
General Specification
Dimension( W×D×H mm )  450×150×533mm
Weight (Kg)  45kg
Installation  Floor stand or Wall mounted
Working Temperature  -20ºC ~ 60ºC
General Specification
Operating / Storage / humidity  ≤ 95%RH
Max Operating Altitude  ≤2000m
IP Rating  IP20
Cell Technology  LiFePO4, Lithium-iron Phosphate
Cycle life  6000 Cycles @ 80% DOD / 25ºC / 0.5C, 60% EOL
Scalability  Max 8 batteries in parallel
Standard Compliance
Certification  PACK:UN38.3, IEC62619, IEC61000, CELL:UN38.3,IEC62619, UL 1642, JET (more available upon request)


Sunsynk Battery FAQs

Q: What are the potential benefits of adding batteries to an existing solar panel array

A: Flexibility, and possibly better payback from more efficient power usage. Solar panels only work during daylight hours. By using energy storage to time-shift you can use the electricity generated at any time.


Q: Can Lithium-ion batteries catch fire?

A: When in use, these units contain flammable components and energy, and while they can catch fire, this thankfully is very rare. Manufacturer’s advice about safe deployment of batteries should be followed carefully. They need to have some air flow to keep the battery at a safe operating temperature.


Q: Can you use Sunsynk batteries with different solar panels and renewable arrays?

A: Sunsynk batteries are designed to be flexible and operate efficiently with a wide variety of systems. Consult your installer if you are unsure.


Q: Can you use batteries with heat pumps as well as solar panels?

A: Yes, you can.


Sunsynk Battery Conclusions

Sunsynk batteries are a good option, either as part of a new solar system, or as an addition to an existing array. They work well with other solar brands. The five year warranty is in line with industry standards. If a battery is operated sensibly, then it should do good service for at least double that time.

Like most home renewable systems, it has an app, called Sunsynk Connect, which remotely monitors and controls the system from a phone, laptop, or other device. More importantly, it can send an alert if it detects anything unusual in battery operation.

Sunsynk does have some adverse comments on forums and Trustpilot, mainly about some slowness of support to customers. This is something to be aware of, particularly if this is your first renewable energy system.

The cost of each battery module is in the mid-price range of around £2,000. Given Sunsynk’s excellent performance, this is a product that is certainly worth considering as part of a home renewable microgrid system.

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