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Solar Without Any Hassle Through A Solar Subscription With Energy Shield

Register your interest to work with the nation’s best solar panel installers, using solar subscriptions that shield you from energy price hikes.

What are solar subscriptions with Energy Shield?

Energy Shield is a solar subscription by Effective Home providing solar PV panels to UK householders who are looking for solar power benefits but don’t want the upfront costs associated with switching to solar energy.

Via Energy Shield Effective Home would install solar panels on your roof based on your roof size, pitch, and orientation – but you wouldn’t own them. That means you give up your roof space to solar panels, but you won’t have to pay for their installation or be responsible for their ownership and maintenance. But what’s in it for you?

Well, you’ll be able to buy the solar energy the panels on top of your roof are generating, starting at 19.9p per kw (significantly below the national average in the UK in July 2023 which was estimated to be 28p per kw by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero).

You’ll make significant immediate savings, and you’ll be on a fixed tariff that will be reviewed every 5 years – allowing us to adjust your savings to ensure your loyalty is rewarded and the price of energy is even cheaper for you.

What are the benefits of Energy Shield?
immediate savings
Immediate savings - you’ll make immediate savings compared to your current energy prices
Quick installation - we can have solar panels on your roof within 4-6 weeks after you register your interest (if your roof is a right fit)
quick installation
Guaranteed prices - fixed for 5 years and starting at just 19.9p per kw
guaranteed performance
Guaranteed performance - solar PV panels are reliable and efficient so you can be confident in your new solar tech
smart meter support
Smart meter support - so you know how much energy the panels on your roof are producing at any given time
Zero maintenance - because we own the panels, the maintenance and all costs associated with that is our responsibility, not yours
carbon footprint
Smaller carbon footprint - you’ll be making the switch to green energy, reducing your personal carbon emissions
future proof
Future-proof your home - as a nation, attitudes are changing, and soon enough we’re all going to have to embrace green energy, you’ll just be getting a head start

How do Energy Shield solar subscriptions work?

It’s understandable that you’re asking this – after all, Energy Shield is the first solar subscription service of this nature for domestic solar customers. But it really is as simple as it sounds. 

First, you register your interest with us, and then we determine if you’re an appropriate fit for the scheme based on your roof’s size, pitch, and orientation. If you’re a match, our team of solar panel experts at Effective Home will come out and fit solar PV panels to your roof – and you won’t pay a penny (besides a small £99 onboarding fee). We’ll be the owners of the solar panels, so we’ll handle all maintenance costs, and you’ll buy solar energy from us at a much-reduced rate. 

If the solar panels produce too much solar energy for you to use – we’ll sell it to the grid. If they don’t produce enough, you’ll buy energy from the grid as usual with the supplier of your choice so you get the best of both worlds.

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To get started with Energy Shield’s solar subscriptions all you need to do is contact us today and register your interest in the scheme.

As soon as we’re able to, we’ll arrange an in-person or remote survey to determine if your roof is appropriate. If it is, and you want to join our Energy Shield service, then all you’ll pay is a £99 onboarding fee before we install the panels on your roof and your fixed-price solar energy tariff begins.

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Solar Subscriptions - FAQs

Energy Shield is designed with three main groups in mind:

  • Local Authorities/Social Housing: Energy Shield is ideal for Local Authorities and Social Housing organisations who want to improve the sustainability of their current housing stock. Your tenants will benefit from reduced bills and you’ll only pay a small £99 onboarding fee for each of your properties with no maintenance requirements either.
  • Homeowners: If you’re a private homeowner then you’d be a perfect fit, provided your roof is suitable. Energy Shield is right for any homeowner considering solar energy who doesn’t want the responsibility of ownership or to have to pay a significant outlay to enjoy solar benefits. 
  • Landlords: Any landlord looking to improve their home’s EPC rating can benefit from this service, too. It can increase the value of their property on the rental market whilst making your tenant’s lives easier thanks to reduced bills. 

There are several aspects which will determine a customer’s eligibility. For example, a credit inspection may be required. If the customer has an existing mortgage, then approval will need to be sought from the mortgage provider to install solar panels on the roof of the property.

The orientation of the customer’s roof will also be key along with the angle of the roof and the amount of shading will all need to be factored in. As part of the customer onboarding process, an initial desktop survey will be carried out by the EEG sales team and, once approved, a physical survey will be carried out to ensure that the property is suitable.

The customer agreement is for 20 years. Given the length of this contract, a novation option has been built into the contract for those customers who may want to move house and pass the contract on to the new homeowner.

The first thing you’ll need to do is agree to lease a portion of your roof space for the solar panels to start with. This is for 20 years. You won’t have to pay for this installation except for the £99 onboarding fee paid by the customer to join the Energy Shield scheme. 

Next, you’ll need to agree to a long-term contract for either 10 or 20 years agreeing on the price for the purchase of the solar electricity we generate on your roof. The price starts at 19.9p per kw and increases annually with inflation by 2%. At every 5-year point, the price is rebalanced as follows:

  • Year 5: 18.9p per kw
  • Year 10: 17.9p per kw
  • Year 15: 16.9p per kw


At the end of the 20 years, the lease expires and the solar PV installation falls under the ownership of the property. A well-maintained array should benefit you for a further 10 years, at no cost to you.

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