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Get Solar Panels In Fareham and Reduce Your Energy Bills

Trusted national solar panel and battery provider, with over 15 years of experience in installing solar PV systems in Fareham and across the UK. Helping you reduce the cost of your electricity bills and your carbon footprint through home solar power generation.


      Why Go solar?

      Home solar panels reduce your carbon footprint, offer energy security, and can save you up to £595 off your annual electricity bill. This is good news for Fareham, for the planet, your peace of mind and your pocket.

      Start saving and producing your own energy by installing solar panels from £6,050

      Energy independence and the use of renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important issues across the country. The installation of home solar panels helps protect the climate by reducing fossil fuel consumption and helps protect you from rising energy costs through energy savings.

      At Effective Home, we strive for a quality service that truly delivers. Our whole process is smooth, from first contact to installation and aftercare. We install home solar panels of the highest quality, and at a competitive price, all backed with a 25 year warranty for peace of mind.

      Benefits of Solar Panel Installation in Fareham

      What Solar Packages Can I Get?

      Effective Home can help you whether you want to add solar panels to an existing property or add a solar battery to an existing solar set-up. With 0% VAT payable on all home solar installations until March 2027, there has never been a better time to start your solar journey. Reduce your electricity costs and use of fossil fuels by contacting us to find out how we can help you today.

      Solar Panel and Batteries bundle
      PAY 0% VAT

      Solar Panels & Battery

      Buy solar panels & Sunsynk battery bundles & save 70% on energy bills
      Solar bundle

      Solar Panels

      Buy Solar Panels on their own. Save up to 50% on energy bills
      Commercial solar bundle


      We offer a variety of support for business solar customers. Make your business more energy self-sufficient and reduce bills. Get a Free Quote
      Solar and insulation bundle

      Government Grants

      Get Solar Panels for free with Government Grants and schemes

      How Much Do Solar PV Installations Cost?

      Typical 3-bed house

      10 solar panels

      The average cost for a 3-bed house in the South Coast including installation is £88.73 a month with finance (subject to status) – check out our affordable ways to pay

      Get a fixed price with a free home survey in Fareham

      Solar Finance Options With Effective Home

      If you’re not in a position to afford solar panels outright, then you may be interested in our range of finance options. With 5, 10, and 15-year plans available with no to low deposits, you can get solar panels no matter your current bank balance. 

      Speak with an expert member of our team today to find out how much solar panel finance repayments could cost you based on your available deposit and desired repayment plan. You may find that the savings you’ll make each month on your energy bills will cover your repayments too!

      Why Choose Effective Energy

      With a commitment to efficient and affordable solar solutions, we make it easy for homeowners across the country to improve their home’s efficiency and enjoy all the benefits that come along with it.
      Talk to an advisor
      Talk to an advisor
      Based locally
      From our offices in Waterlooville, we offer a national solution with local customer service.
      Group 29
      Peace of mind
      We’re a certified member of the Energy Performance Validation Scheme (EPVS). All our estimates are independently verified by EPVS and they will provide you with a validation certificate to say that we have given you accurate savings and running costs.
      Group 31
      Quality Solar Panel System
      Our installers in Fareham and further afield have successfully installed thousands of solar PV systems for our happy customers.
      No Faceless Call Centres
      We are with you every step of the way until your installation is complete.
      It's time to save

      Let us reduce your energy bills the effective way

      Talk to an advisor: 0800 123 4567
          Solar and battery benefits

          Cut electricity bills

          Solar panels can help your cut your electricity by up to 70%.


          Generate income with Solar

          Sell excess energy back to the grid from your solar panels helping you save even more on your monthly bills.


          Improve your EPC rating

          Solar panels can increase your property's Energy Performance Certificate.


          Reduce carbon footprint

          Reduce your carbon footprint by generating your own energy using the sun, relying less on the grid.


          25 Year Warranty

          Our solar panel installs come with a 25 warranty giving you peace of mind.


          Fully Monitored System

          Using a Sunsynk battery, you can keep a check on the perfomance of your solar system.

          Working only with the best…

          Why is solar PV a good investment for you?

          Our Customers Love Us

          Read some of our customers success stories

          How much does a solar PV system cost?

          SAVE UP TO £700+
          solar deal

          10 solar panels

          from £8,495 £7,050

          Estimated annual electricity bill





          Trusted and Accredited

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          Solar Panel Installation in Fareham FAQs

          Solar panels in Fareham need hardly any maintenance at all – they even self-clean when it rains. A quick washdown with a hose a few times a year will usually shift any other dirt or dust. Zero expense and no need to call an expert out.

          There may be occasions, particularly if you live in an area that experiences dusty or dirty conditions, or if you are blighted by problems with birds, or more specifically their droppings, where you might need to call in the experts to clean your solar panels to keep them working at the efficiency levels that they are capable of. 

          Your solar PV system will require an inverter to convert the DC electricity to usable AC electricity and these have a life span usually of around 10-12 years. If you see a drop off in performance of your solar system, then it is most likely due to an issue with the inverter, so you should keep an eye on solar electricity production levels and your energy bills for obvious signs of an issue.

          No. No red tape, no hassle – most solar PV systems don’t need any special permission from your local authority to be fitted onto your home.

          The only exception to this is if you live in a listed building or live in a designated Conservation Area or even a World Heritage site. Even then, you can still have solar panels installed – they just need fitting onto a roof that isn’t visible from a road.

          There’s a big difference between sunlight and daylight. Solar panels need daylight to generate power – not the sun’s rays. In recent years, solar panel manufacturers have become more adept at producing solar panels that are better able to generate electricity even when the conditions are less than perfect.

          This means you can still generate power with solar panels Fareham even on cloudy days. In fact, less direct sunlight can sometimes be beneficial – too much heat can reduce the power solar panels capture and the electricity generated by up to 25%.

          Effective Home offers a choice of ways to pay for any upgrades to your home, such as solar panel systems, with finance options available. We appreciate that not everyone has the money set aside to pay for investments in renewable energy or ways to make their home more efficient.

          You’ll find details on our boiler, heating, home insulation and solar product pages – along with any relevant funding that may be available to reduce your costs, such as the ECO Scheme or Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

          You don’t have to add a smart solar battery when you install solar panels. However, without battery storage you will only be able to use the electricity your new PV panels generate for your home at the time it is generated, rather than generating energy for later use.

          When there is no solar energy to tap into, your energy supply will revert back to the Grid and your electricity provider for its electricity supply. A smart solar battery stores your energy ready so you can use it or store it for when you need it. It is also possible to sell surplus electricity produced by your solar PV system back to the Grid in return for payment under the Smart Export Guarantee, which for new applicants replaced the previous Feed in tariff (FIT) scheme.

          During your free home survey, one of our solar panel installers will assess your home and rooftop – this will determine what solar panel installation, if any, is suitable for your home and how many solar PV panels you will need to produce sufficient solar power for your household requirements.

          We can calculate how much electricity your household in Fareham is likely to need and also give you a good idea of how much money you could make by trading your solar energy on the Grid via SEG.

          By generating solar electricity and using your own free energy – instead of power from the National Grid – you can make significant savings on your electricity bills. The Energy Saving Trust calculator estimates that solar panel installations can knock between £335-£525 off your annual bill with the Smart Export Guarantee SEG (based on fuel prices as of October 2023) depending on how much time you are at home during the day, and therefore using the solar electricity being produced.

          Using battery storage alongside your solar panels can further increase your savings – because solar batteries will store the surplus energy that you produce, so you can use it when it goes dark and your solar PV system is no longer generating, instead of drawing more electricity from the Grid.

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