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About Effective Home

We make those small, sustainable first steps easy – and bigger leaps just as effortless – whether you are looking for a more energy efficient boiler or a renewable source of power for your home. We work around the property itself and the people who live in it – to add value to your home, help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.
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Why Choose Effective Home

With a commitment to efficient and affordable energy solutions, we make it easy for homeowners across the country to improve their home’s efficiency and all the benefits that come along with it.
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Experienced Trusted Team

Expert team with over 15 years of experience and thousands of installs of energy generating or energy saving measures under our belts.

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The Best Solar Installer 2023

As sustainability is becoming not just a choice but a necessity, ensuring the credibility of solar installers is a step towards a brighter, greener future.

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Certified members of the Energy Performance Validation Scheme (EPVS), meaning all our performance estimates for home energy products are accurate and independently verified.

What is HUG?

The HUG scheme is a government run scheme and stands for The Home Upgrade Grant. HUG will provide energy efficient upgrades and low carbon heating via local authority funding, to households in England that are eligible.

Cost: Fully funded if you qualify
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Houses with solar panels

Qualifying Criteria

In order to qualify for funding you need to pass some criteria, these are:

  • You have an EPC of D,E,G, F.
  • Not on mains gas heating
  • and low income or on benefits.

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What to expect at a retrofit assessment?

The assessment of your property allows us to collect all the data that we must then review against the Great British Insulation Scheme guidance and savings calculators to enable us to make an informed decision.

Outside we will check:

Suitability of the insulation for the property – drilling all walls of the property confirming the suitability for installation, checking damp proof courses, brickwork, and access for installers.

Inside we will check

  • The condition of the property – ensuring there isn’t any subsidence, condensation, damp and if any remedial is required before installation.
  • The ventilation of the property – assessing whether any ventilation is required and upgraded to keep the air quality of the property safe, extractor fans, trickle vents and door undercuts. A pre and post air pulse test is performed on the day of installation to ensure what has been installed is satisfactory.
  • Energy performance – required to calculate their current energy rating and the improvements to the rating the insulation will make. This is also used to claim the funding and go into government reports in line with our net zero targets.
  • Installer paperwork – outlines the above and requires a signature on each sheet to confirm the assessor has explained everything.
  • Assessment application – requires signatures to confirm customer details and privacy notices for funding paperwork.

Access required

We will require access to your whole property – all rooms, windows, doors, electric/gas meters, boiler, heating controls and access to the loft. These are all important and must be accessed to complete and accurate assessment.

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What to expect next?

Upon completion of your retrofit assessment, we seek pre-approval for the measures from both the Retrofit Co-ordinator and our funders. They review the assessment and the measures suggested and give us the go-ahead for installation. This will typically take from 5-10 days.

Should the project not be viable at this stage, you will be contacted via our in-house team to explain the reasons for the decision.

What happens on install day?

From Max Energy receiving the contact, they will contact the customer within 2 days to arrange an install date, this date tends to land within 20 days of customer contact.

  • We are keen to make sure that we have direct communication with the client and the installer, whilst they are on-site together, at the end of the installation, so that we can complete our customer satisfaction process – which involves:
  • A call to the office, from the electrical engineer at the point of handover, where they confirm important information, which includes but is not necessarily limited to:
  • Confirming that the installation has been completed in line with the specification outlined on the signed customer agreement.
  • Confirming that the system has been commissioned successfully.
  • Confirming that applications and interfaces have been handed over and explained, to the satisfaction of the client – as far as the engineer is concerned.The call is passed to the customer, whereby we confirm the same elements with the customer directly.

We point our customers in the direction of review platforms, so that they can review our performance.

We are keen to make sure that we have signed confirmation of each of the elements outlined above.

In this respect our engineers must fill out a customer satisfaction form, as part of the close down of the project, before they leave site, which is signed by the customer.

  • 25 year insurance backed guarantee with quality mark for cavity installs.
  • 2 Year insurance backed guarantee with quality mark for loft installs.
  • Thermabead Carbon Saver – Cavity
    Knauf Earthwool 44 – Loft

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  • Reduce the future cost of energy in your home with solar PV panels
  • Easily store surplus energy to use when you need it
  • Protect the environment by reducing your carbon emissions
  • Earn income from the solar energy you create – it’s so sustainable

We do have brand ambassadors who go door to door. Our Brand Ambassadors are active Monday to Friday between 10am & 8pm / Saturday between 10am & 5pm

They are badged with an Effective Home card (which must be visible) and an ID – EH####-####

The Brand Ambassador will check the home meets the requirements for funding by collecting some paperwork on proof of ownership, proof of address and drilling inspection holes on external walls.

They will book your Retrofit Assessment appointment with you before leaving.

Working in partnership with BriteVox

This is a percentage of your bill which the government use to pay for innovations and upgrades. The amount is already being taken so will not affect your bill.

The insulation will prevent as much heat leaving your home. Up to 35% of heat is lost through uninsulated walls. If your heating habits do not change then your energy bill will decrease.

In order to qualify for funding you need to pass some criteria these are:

You need to have an EPC rating of D or below.

You need to have a property within the council tax bands:

  • A – D in England
  • A – E in Scotland and Wales

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