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April 7, 2022

How to Avoid the Energy Price Hike and Become Your Own Supplier with Solar


Are you worried about the future of your energy bill? You’re not alone. The cost of wholesale energy is at an unprecedented high but, even without the recent price hike, energy is likely to cost more and more in the future as supply dwindles. Supply of standard, fossil fuel energy that is. Renewable energy sources, like solar, are much more reliable, and that’s what we’re here to talk about today.

Solar energy has the power to reduce your carbon footprint, but it also has the power to reduce your reliance on the national energy supply. Keep reading to discover how you can gain more control over your own energy bill by using solar.

  1. Solar is a Stable Energy Supply

Save a galactic catastrophe, the sun is always going to be there. That means, there’s always going to be solar energy available. This is in sharp contrast to non-renewable fossil fuels which, by their very definition, are non-renewable – they will run out some day.

Coal, gas, and oil are all becoming harder and harder to source, but the sun is constant. There is no international competition for access to the sun and it is not subject to market demand. The amount of sun you can soak up simply depends on factors like the angle of your roof and its orientation to the sun.

  1. Solar has a Stable Price

Because the sun provides such a dependable energy supply, volatile price changes will become less of a worry. In fact, solar energy is free! The only cost comes from installing your panels – after that, you can convert as much solar energy your solar setup allows.

Bear in mind that you may still have to top up your supply from standard suppliers. However, by reducing your dependency on them, you gain much more control over your energy bill.

  1. Solar Can Lower Your Energy Bills

If solar energy is free, it follows that your energy bills will be lower. If you get a battery with your solar panels, you can store energy to use after the sun goes down – giving you even less reliance on other suppliers. (With batteries from Effective Home, you can ensure that you only use the national energy supply when energy prices are at their lowest, and save your battery stored energy for when national prices are high.)

If you choose not to have a battery though, you can still make the most of your free solar energy. Optimise your electricity use by timing certain tasks to happen during the day (e.g. washing laundry and charging your phone).

  1. You Can Sell Your Excess Solar Power for a Profit

Finally, you can even earn a little money from your solar panels. If you don’t use all the energy produced by your panels, it goes into the national supply for other people to use, and you get paid for your contribution! Use this money to offset your energy bill further, or to offset the cost of panel installation.

The Smart Export Guarantee ensures that you earn a fee for any leftover energy you produce. To apply for the SEG, you simply need to find a tariff that works for you from any SEG licensed energy supplier. This does not have to be the same supplier that you get your top up energy from. However, you may get better rates for the energy you produce if you are also their customer. Shop around to find the best deal for you!

Tempted? Start the journey to becoming your own energy supplier today and give us a call on 0333 003 0703 or visit our home solar page for more info.

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