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A solar battery is a simple but smart addition as it gives you the power to store and sell the solar energy your PV panels produce.

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Smart batteries + Solar PV
installed from £8,995 or £80.16 per month.

We can help choose the right battery to fit your home and energy usage, so you don’t pay for a battery that’s too big or not big enough.

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Do I need a storage battery?

On a sunny day, your solar panels will soak up all that daylight enabling you to power your home. As the sun goes down, less solar energy is captured – but you still need to power your lights in the evening. What happens then?

Without a smart battery, you’d switch back to using power from the National Grid – which costs you money. With a smart battery installed, you can use all the extra solar energy captured during the day that you didn’t use.

So you can keep the energy you’ve generated and use it exactly when you need it most – or sell it – instead of it going to waste. Now that’s smart.

Solar with a battery

  • Lets you store and use more of your solar
    energy so you’re not reliant on the Grid
  • Gives you access to cleaner, greener energy
    whenever you need it – even at night
  • Opens up smart energy tariffs from
    Octopus Energy – saving you money
  • Futureproof your home as more of
    what we do is powered by electricity

Solar without a battery

  • Only lets you use 20-40% of the solar
    energy you produce
  • Means you will still be reliant on the Grid at times
  • Means you continue to pay for energy
    when it’s dark
  • Means your energy bills rise in line with
    energy costs

How much could a
smart battery save you?

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Will a smart battery work with my existing PV panels?

Yes. If you already have solar PV panels on your roof, we can supply and fit a battery so you can store and sell your solar energy. Simply book your free home survey and one of our experts will advise on a price and timings.

How long do smart batteries last?

We supply GivEnergy Batteries. They come with a 10-year warranty – their lifespan far exceeds that of standard batteries you use on gadgets at home.

Do I need a storage battery?

You don’t have to add a smart solar battery. However, without one you will only be able to use the energy your new PV panels generate for your home at the time it is generated. When there is no solar energy to tap into, your energy supply will revert back to the Grid. A smart solar battery stores your energy ready so you can use it or store it for when you need it. How it works.

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