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July 11, 2023

Sun-Sational! Solar Panels Now Available Through Halifax

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Solar panel sourcing, installation and aftercare will now be available through Halifax as part of a new trial* scheme.

The offer sees Halifax join forces with accredited and expert solar panel installers, Effective Home, taking away the hard work of searching the market for solar panel suppliers.


  • Halifax launches new solar panel consultation and installation offer with Effective Home, including free EPC assessment. 
  • Solar panels can improve EPC ratings; homes with highest EPC ratings can be worth up to £40,000¹ more than less energy efficient homes. 
  • Energy bill savings with solar panels can save between £600 and £9002 a year. 
  • Excess energy can be stored in batteries, or sold back to the National Grid, earning further savings. 
  • Solar panels provide 100% renewable energy by converting sunlight into electricity, even on cloudy days.


Through Halifax’s Green Living Hub, people will be able to access Effective Home’s virtual consultation, where a home can be remotely viewed to understand solar panel suitability – with no need for an in-person visit.  A free, personalised solar plan will be provided, outlining installation costs and estimated energy bill savings.  Those who want to go ahead with installation will then receive an in-person, technical survey.

Effective Home will arrange the installation and support customers with registering the panels with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, for a free, insurance-backed guarantee.

Solar packages start from around £6,050 and include a 25-year warranty, with the total cost dependent on the size of the system needed and whether a battery is also installed.

Eligible Halifax mortgage customers will also be able to access £500 cashback towards the cost through Halifax’s existing Green Living Reward offer.

Solar savings  

Solar panels deliver energy bill savings through their use of 100% renewable energy, as they convert sunlight into electricity, even on cloudy days.

Energy bill savings from installing solar panels range between £600 and £9002 annually, depending on the size of the panels and the pitch of the roof, amongst other factors.

Everyone who installs solar panels through Halifax and Effective Home’s scheme, will get a free Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) assessment for their home.

Solar panels can improve the EPC rating of a home3 and properties with the highest energy ratings may be worth up to £40,000 more on average compared to less sustainable properties and buyers are more willing to pay a ‘green premium’ for a more energy efficient place¹.

The EPC rating of homes has become increasingly important in recent years, as the UK Government takes steps to reach net zero by 2050.  With rules on minimum EPC standards for commercial and buy to let properties due to change in the coming years, further legislation and guidelines are likely for owner-occupiers, meaning it’s sensible for homeowners to start thinking about how properties can be made more energy efficient.

Further, after the upfront installation costs, energy bills will reduce, as the energy needed to run the home is generated by the sunlight gathered by the panels, an 100% renewable resource.

Excess energy generated by the panels can be saved indefinitely in a battery for use or sold back to the National Grid.

Andrew Asaam, Homes Director, Halifax said: “Solar panels have become an increasingly common sight on the roofs of UK homes and for good reason – harnessing renewable solar power, reducing energy bills and cutting carbon emissions, they’re a great sustainable option for a more energy efficient home.  Our partnership with Effective Home supports people with solar panel installation from start to finish, so even more people can take advantage of the benefits to having a ‘greener’ home and cheaper bills.”

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