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Free Funding & Insulation Grants Wales

Households in Wales may qualify for free or heavily discounted insulation through a range of energy efficiency initiatives and schemes aimed at making properties more energy efficient.

Initiatives such as the Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) and the Welsh Government Warm Homes Programme (under the Nest Scheme), provide assistance for home improvements, such as insulation, in low-income and energy inefficient households

      Free insulation measures in Wales to boost energy efficiency

      The main aims of the various schemes is to help low-income households and disadvantaged areas in the country with energy efficiency improvements that help prevent fuel poverty but also impact on energy costs and carbon footprints.

      Great British Insulation Scheme

      GBIS is a government initiative administered by Ofgem that aims to help households insulate their properties so that they become more energy efficient. With improvement in the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating as a result of new insulation, homes in Wales and elsewhere will cost less to keep warm.

      The £1 billion scheme is complementary to the Energy Company Obligation ECO scheme (ECO4) and is due to run until March 2026. GBIS is funded by the main energy suppliers who are obligated to contribute towards grant funding for eligible households to have insulation installed and improve their energy efficiency rating.

      GBIS Eligibility for Funding

      The GBIS has a broad range of eligibility to try to help as many households as possible in Wales with free insulation funding. The main eligibility criteria include:

      • Households with a low Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating from D to G.
      • Or properties within the council tax bands A to E in Wales
      • Or Low-income households receiving means-tested benefits


      A GBIS referral programme also allows Local Authorities and Devolved Administrations discretion to expand the eligibility criteria to add households in their area that they believe are badly in need of insulation funding.

      Nest Scheme

      If you are struggling to keep your home warm, you may be eligible for free energy efficient measures like insulation through the Nest scheme. This could include a free boiler, central heating system, or insulation if you are on a low income. These measures can help improve heat retention in your property and reduce your annual energy costs.

      Nest Scheme Eligibility

      You might qualify for these free energy efficient measures if the following apply:

      • You are a homeowner or rent from a private landlord, excluding the local authority or Housing Association.
      • Your home’s energy efficiency could be improved to save on heating costs.
      • Your household contains someone claiming means-tested benefits or having chronic respiratory, circulatory, or mental health conditions or with an income below defined thresholds.


      Qualified individuals eligible for home improvements will receive recommendations for energy-efficient insulation measures at no charge. These measures aim to increase property warmth and reduce utility expenses.

      Those who have previously received a package of free energy efficient improvements through the Welsh Government Warm Homes scheme are ineligible for further energy efficiency upgrades at the same property under Nest.

      Types of insulation that could be funded by grants in Wales

      Various types of insulation could be funded under the schemes to improve energy efficiency of homes in Wales. Different types of insulation can be installed in various parts of the home including:

      • loft insulation.
      • cavity wall insulation
      • solid wall insulation
      • flat roof insulation
      • internal wall insulation
      • underfloor insulation


      The type of energy efficient home improvements that would be suitable for your home would be determined by the experts

      Loft Insulation

      Cavity Wall Insulation

      Estimated annual savings from the two main insulation types are as follows:


      Loft insulation (with 270mm)

      Cavity Wall insulation

      Detached house



      Semi-detached house



      Mid-terrace house



      Detached bungalow



      Mid-floor flat



      Estimates from the Energy Saving Trust and based on a gas-heated home and fuel prices as of April 2024.

      How much difference will insulation make to household energy bills in Wales?

      There are a range of home insulation measures that could be provided under the schemes, but the most common is likely to be loft insulation, since it is usually the most straightforward and cost effective to install.

      A typical detached gas-heated property that was previously uninsulated and receives 270mm of loft insulation could save up to £370 on annual energy bills, according to estimates from the Energy Saving Trust.

      The second most commonly installed insulation type is cavity wall insulation. Homes made of brick constructed after 1924 are likely to have cavity walls and therefore be suitable for cavity wall insulation,

      Research shows that uninsulated cavity walls can lead to up to 35% of heat loss, while insulated homes could save up to £405 annually.

      Why you should apply for free insulation grants


      Households are installing insulation to impact on their heating bills and carbon emissions and make their homes more comfortable. Backed by the UK and Welsh government’s commitments to helping those who need help with fuel bills the most, many thousands could benefit from home insulation improvements.

      If you want to save money on your bills a free insulation grant could be the ideal way to do that. Whether you are on a means tested benefit or low income or just live in a low EPC rating property, help in the face of high energy prices is most welcome.

      Even privately renting tenants could potentially receive funding that will bring long-term savings on energy bills and reduce the carbon footprint of each household that receives funded home insulation measures.

      It pays to insulate your home

      Reduce your home’s carbon footprint by up to 1300kgCO2 a year

      With insulation you'll reduce heating bills

      Apply for ECO funding or other grants if eligible

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