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Heat Your Home With Air Source Heat Pumps In The UK

Opt for an air source heat pump (ASHP) with Effective Home, a UK leading heat pump installer, and enjoy the following benefits:

      Air Source Heat Pump Options

      Check out our air source heat pump options below, all designed to heat your home effectively…

      air source heat pump

      Air Source Heat Pumps

      Air source Heat pump, fitted in 4 days. Saves 60% on energy bills
      gov. net zero

      Government Grants

      Buy a Heat Pump Save 50% on energy bills GOV Funding Available.

      Why install an air source heat pump?

      ASHPs are a highly efficient way of producing heat for your home and a great alternative to traditional gas boilers. Drawing heat from the outside air which is then compressed to create heat, they offer a greener and more economical way to heat the home. There are plenty of advantages to installing ASHPs including:

      What grants are available for air source heat pumps?

      How much will an air source heat pump cost? Well, the UK government favours those who are willing to install ASHPs because it helps the government reach their legally binding target of reaching Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 – and these grants reduce the cost for homeowners just like you.

      The most relevant grant for many homeowners is the Boiler Upgrade Scheme that offers homeowners who are upgrading their old boiler to an air source heat pump up to £7,500 towards the cost of the heat pump and its installation (this applies to either a ground source heat pump or an air source heat pump). So long as you own the home you’re applying for, and are replacing a fossil fuel heating system – most typically a gas or oil boiler – then you’ll likely qualify for £7,500 in support – reducing the air source heat pump cost significantly.

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          How Air Source Heat Pumps Work

          1. Collecting Air

          Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) get their name from the fact that they’re designed to pump air outside your home. They then draw in the heat from the outside air to heat up a refrigerant liquid.

          2. Heating Refrigerant

          To heat the refrigerant liquid, the warm air is compressed to increase its temperature, making it hotter and warming the refrigerant liquid until it becomes a warm gas.

          3. Warm Home

          This warm gas can then be used to transfer its heat to water via a heat exchanger which can then be used for zone heating via radiators or underfloor heating and for hot water in the home by warming a hot water tank for later use.

          4. Cycle Restarts

          As soon as the heat has been extracted from the gas by warming water in the system, the refrigerant begins to cool again until it becomes liquid once more, allowing the whole process to be reset and then start all over again.

          Air source heat pump financing…

          Effective Home offers a range of affordable financing options to our valued customers, and should you choose to go down this route we’ll certainly be able to put together a lending amount and repayment plan that ensures you get all the benefits of ASHPs with no to low upfront costs. And since heat pump running costs are so low, you’ll benefit from your new heat pump system in multiple ways.

          But you may also benefit from some of the government funding that’s available for switching to air-source heat pumps

          The benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

          Low Carbon Levels

          High Efficiency Levels

          Renewable Energy Incentives

          Why Choose Effective Home

          Still unsure if Effective is right for you? Let us share why we're trusted by plenty of homeowners just like you as one of the UK's leading heat pump installers:

          Or are you looking for finance on ASHPs?

          How Efficient Are Air Source Heat Pumps?

          Perhaps the real draw of ASHPs is that they’re incredibly effective. All of them are over 300% efficient, with some reaching dizzying heights of 500%+ efficiency. What that means is that for every 1kW of electricity used to power the heat pump, all heat pumps will be capable of producing 3kW of heat for your home, and the very best will produce 5kW+ of heat for your home.

          This efficiency means that ASHPs essentially pay for themselves and will help you save big on your bills. So switching to a new, renewable system with Effective Home just makes sense.

          air source heat pump

          Air Source Heat Pump Cost

          Your final air source heat pump price will be determined by the model you choose, the length of installation and other factors, meaning we can’t give you a final price right now without knowing more about the project to calculate the installation costs more accurately.

          However, all of our ASHP prices are competitive to ensure our customers get the most out of their air source heat pump installation when they work with us. You can, however, make significant savings with the switch, too. Want to know how much a switch to air source heat pumps could save you?

          Fuel bill savings (per year)

          Carbon savings (per year)

          Old (G Rated) Gas Boiler


          2,900 kg/year

          New (A Rated) Gas Boiler


          (negative figures indicate an increase in bills)

          1,900 kg/ year

          Fuel bill savings (per year)

          Carbon savings (per year)

          Old Electric Storage Heaters


          2,000 kg/year

          New Electric Storage Heaters


          1,600 kg/year

          Fuel bill savings (per year)

          Carbon savings (per year)

          Old (G Rated) Oil Boiler


          4,400 kg/year

          New (A Rated) Oil Boiler


          2,900 kg/year

          Fuel bill savings (per year)

          Carbon savings (per year)

          Old (G Rated) LPG Boiler


          3,400 kg/year

          New (A Rated) LPG Boiler


          2,200 kg/year

          Fuel bill savings (per year)

          Carbon savings (per year)



          7,500 kg/year

          The figures above are sample savings based on fuel prices as of January 2024 (based on installing a standard air source heat pump in a 3-bedroom semi-detached property). Get in touch for a quote for your home.
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              Air Source Heat Pumps - FAQs

              To get started with Effective Home, all you need to do is contact us with some basic details to get an instant quote for your property. Following a full, free survey, we’ll be able to determine if switching to an ASHP from your current central heating system is right for you. Next we’ll arrange a date, iron out the finer details of the installation and then carry out the work.

              From initial enquiry to job completion, you could have a new ASHP at your property in less than 2 weeks. We prioritise quality work with minimal disruption to your home life. Please note this is for an air source heat pump system only. Ground source heat pumps with indoor and outdoor units and installations that require digging to install will take longer.

              During our free survey, we’ll be able to give you a much more accurate timescale of how long your individual installation is likely to take.

              Your concern is understandable considering you’re thinking about a heat pump installation in the UK, but air source pumps are able to draw heat from the air even when the outdoor air is cold. In fact, ASHPs can work in -15 degree Celsius conditions, which we rarely experience in the UK anyway. That means our usual winters are fine for ASHPs and they’ll still continue working effectively, even when we think it’s too cold outside for them to do so.

              No, as we alluded to earlier, not all homes are suitable for air source heat pumps. Old, draughty properties are not ideal for ASHPs because this system doesn’t warm a home quite as effectively as gas boilers do in terms of reaching high temperatures and keeping them there. In order for a heat pump installation to be effective, you’ll need appropriate insulation in your home, plenty of outdoor space for outdoor units – our survey can help determine if an ASHP will work for you.

              Most ASHPs have a lifespan of around 20 years, although some more modern models with improved technology could last up to 25 years before needing to be replaced. To help you compare that to a standard system in the UK, gas boilers only have an average lifespan of around 15 years.

              Air source heat pumps are considered permitted development, meaning no planning permission is required, so long as certain conditions are met. These conditions are:

              • Size of the installation is 0.6 cubic metres or less.
              • No other heat pumps or wind turbines can be present on site.
              • Installation must be at least one metre away from property boundary.
              • If being installed on a roof, it must be flat and the heat pump must be at least one metre from the edge.
              • Must not be on a listed building or within a site designated as a scheduled monument.
              • If in a conservation area or world heritage site, it must be installed on a wall or roof away from any highways.


              Provided these conditions are met (which is usually the case for most UK homes), no planning permission will be required. If you’re unsure about your property, we’ll be able to advise further during our free survey.

              Energy Saving Trust updates their guidance on this regularly, but based on fuel prices as of January 2024, you can expect to save between £65 and £1100 per year in bills by switching to an air source heat pump depending on the heating system you’re switching from. If switching from an A rated gas boiler, then you may find your energy bills increase by around £14 per year, because of the electricity it takes to power your ASHP. In all other cases, you’ll be making a saving.

              No matter which heating system you’re switching from, you’ll save between 1600 and around 7500 kg of CO2 each year according to Energy Saving Trust. That’s a significant amount of CO2 being prevented from entering the atmosphere each year by switching to an air source heat pump. If going green is important to your household, then contact Effective Home today and we’ll help you make the switch.