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Sell your solar
energy by app

Wondering how to trade your surplus energy and make some money from your solar investment? With the incredibly smart all-in-one Social Energy app, it’s simple.

Put solar power
in your hands

The best thing about switching to solar, apart from the savings, is that once your system is up and running, you don’t have to do anything – just sit back and keep an eye on your energy trading via the app.

We’ll set you up with the Social Energy app on installation of your solar panels, giving you access to the UK’s first ‘cloud-based power station’.

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App features & benefits

The app uses AI and smart algorithms to ensure the best prices for you, by enabling a smart energy trading network for solar PV and battery storage customers.

Swap and trade your solar energy with other network customers. Sell on the UK’s energy market. Utilise revolutionary features to maximise your earnings and savings. All on your phone or smart device.

  • Manage your energy 24/7
  • Monthly green reports
  • Automated selling to optimise pricing
  • See your trades
  • Track your savings
  • View your bill instantly

Tap into 100% renewable energy

Social Energy is a smart energy company with a trading network for solar PV and battery storage customers. It’s made up of customers with solar and energy storage batteries all wirelessly linked.

Helping to achieve up to 70% cheaper domestic electricity for everyone.


At what stage do I join a solar energy company?

Once your solar PV panels and battery are installed by Effective Home, we arrange your Grid connection. Then you can join an energy supplier. Social Energy is the only renewable energy provider that lets you trade your surplus energy on the Grid. They will arrange the supply of a new solar meter (these are the new standard in SMART meter that everyone will switch over to soon). It’s worth noting that not all areas of the country can get a smart meter yet, but we can check that prior to installation.

Are there any extra costs to connect to the Grid?

The price we give you during your free home survey includes grid connection and all relevant meter work and applications. If you are planning to trade, Social Energy will arrange for the supply of a new solar meter and installation. After your system is installed and connected to a new smart meter, it will start generating electricity for you immediately. Then you can download the app and use its smart features.

How does the app work?

The all-in-one app offers a complete overview of trading and selling, energy usage, displaying a live status of every big data touchpoint it gathers as they happen. Besides the savings, the best thing is that once the system is up, you don’t need to put in any effort yourself – just keep an eye on your energy trading through the app.

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