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Desire to power our lives with renewable energy is going up and the cost of solar panels is coming down. It’s the perfect storm for switching to solar power – now the world’s fastest growing energy source.

Start producing your own energy from £5,995 – for solar PV panels

We approve and fit high quality solar panels that come with a minimum 25-year warranty up to the lifetime warranty for the manufacture of the modules and the performance of the solar cells.

These state of the art, low-profile black panels are designed to have aesthetic appeal, which is an important consideration for our customers.

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Typical PV panel set up

  • 12x 300-330W solar PV panels
    delivering 18.2% efficiency (minimum)
  • 3.960 kWp system size
  • 10 year inverter warranty
  • Fully monitored system

Total cost: from £5,995 or £53.43 a month

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Once installed, your solar panels will start to capture the sun’s free green energy to power your home and reduce your reliance on the Grid.

Find out how many PV panels you need and how much energy your home could generate by switching to solar

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A ray of sunshine

PV panels will work for most homes

The facing, pitch angle and size of your roof area will decide which solar panel system option is right for you – and how much energy you’ll capture.


Ideally, your roof area needs to face south, clear of any shade caused by trees or adjacent buildings. Panels on east or west facing rooftops will produce 80-85% of this energy.


The perfect pitch angle to capture solar energy is between 30-40º, the typical angle of most UK house rooftops.


The more panels that can fit on your roof, the more energy you can generate. A roof area between 10-20m2 will typically deliver up to 45% of an average household’s electricity needs.

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Choosing your Solar PV from us means that you are protected under HIES (Home Insulation & Energy Systems Quality Assured Contractors Scheme). To become a member of HIES we have passed their strict accreditation process and will be vetted annually to ensure we meet their guidelines.


How do I get a quote?

When you make an enquiry, our experienced team will call you to go through some basic questions and see which system will be best for you and your home. We’ll put together a full presentation detailing exactly what we can install at your home. We’ll then call you back at an arranged time, send you your presentation and explain what systems we can install and the fantastic savings you can expect to make from each – whether it’s just solar PV panels or solar and a battery.

How many panels will my house need?

During your free home survey, one of our solar energy specialists will assess your home and rooftop – this will determine what your solar panel system options are and how many PV panels you need to produce sufficient energy for your household.

We can also give you a good idea of how much money you could make by trading your solar energy on the Grid.

Do I need a storage battery?

You don’t have to add a smart solar battery. However, without one you will only be able to use the energy your new PV panels generate for your home at the time it is generated. When there is no solar energy to tap into, your energy supply will revert back to the Grid. A smart solar battery stores your energy ready so you can use it or store it for when you need it. How it works.

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