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With spiralling household energy costs and climate change more pressing than ever, now’s the time to tap into the sun’s free, green energy with a solar system from Effective Home.

Switch to solar to save 70%
on your energy bills

and be up to £31,022* better off

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Join the revolution

The energy we use has never been more important, both to our finances and for our planet’s
wellbeing. Almost a million homeowners are tapping into solar powered savings – you can too.

Switching a typical 3-bed house onto all the benefits of solar energy is as simple as this:


12 solar panels
on your roof

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Add a 5.8kW smart battery and use your energy anytime

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Power your home, its heating and hot water

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Via a Social Energy account & app

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Typical full system costs
for a 3-bed house

  • 12x 300-330W solar PV panels
  • 3.960 kWp system size
  • 10 Year inverter warranty
  • Fully monitored system
  • Solax 5.8Kw triple power battery
  • Social Energy Hub and Kit

Installed from £7,495 or £96.98 a month

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Subject to status and affordability

If you already have solar panels fitted to your roof – we can just install a smart battery so you can store and trade the energy you capture.

Money for
free sunlight

Investing in a full solar system means you could be up to £31,022* better off, as solar PV panels and smart battery storage lets you trade your surplus energy on the game-changing Social Energy app.

  • Reduce the future cost of energy in your home
  • Earn income from the energy you create
  • Protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Easily store surplus energy to use when you need it

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What to expect from the survey

Every home’s solar energy system is unique – varying from the number of solar PV panels to the size of your smart storage battery.

When you book a free home survey, our solar expert will assess:

  • Your home and rooftop – to determine what your solar panel system options are
  • Your energy consumption – tells us what size of smart battery you need, to make sure you get the best returns
  • Recommendations for the best solar energy system to suit your household – all discussed with you in detail
  • How much money you could make by trading your solar energy on the Grid

Free home survey

Be quoted with confidence

You can rest assured that all quotes and estimates we provide you are independently verified by EPVS (Energy Performance Verification).

It’s really important that all solar installations have this independent review. It ensures that you’re not given inflated information about how much income you could earn or money you could save.

All of our solar installation jobs are sent to EPVS to be verified for quality and accuracy of our pricing and quotations. You can look into this yourself at for further information.

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Accredited by

Choosing your Solar PV from us means that you are protected under HIES (Home Insulation & Energy Systems Quality Assured Contractors Scheme). To become a member of HIES we have passed their strict accreditation process and will be vetted annually to ensure we meet their guidelines.

More reasons to choose
Effective Home

Our hassle-free solar power systems are at the cutting-edge of renewable technology, but you don’t have to worry about the complexities of choosing, installing and maintaining your new equipment.

Effective Home keeps things simple from day one. So you can look forward to a system that just works, a reliable supply of long-term renewable energy and lower bills.

One Effective solar promise for complete peace of mind.


What will my home’s solar energy system cost?

Going solar is an investment in a brighter tomorrow. It’s cleaner, greener and more affordable way to source your energy, become less reliant on the Grid and even make money by trading your surplus energy. Your solar solution will be bespoke to your home. It could cost from £4,995 for solar PV panels alone and from £8,495 for solar PV compete with the Social Energy smart battery (based on a typical 3-bed house); the exact price depends on your roof size, how many solar panels you need and whether you wish to add a smart battery to store/sell your energy.

Simply book your free home survey with one of our solar energy experts. We can also discuss finance options on the day (subject to status).

How long will it take to install?

Our installation team usually take one day to install a standard 12-panel system on a standard roof. All properties are different, so this can vary. Our team will confirm how long the job will take before it starts. Scaffolding may be erected up to a week before and may be left erected for a period beyond installation. We will let you know in advance and will keep you updated when the scaffolding team will be with you.

Do I need planning permission for solar PV panels?

No red tape, no hassle – a solar panel system doesn’t need any special permission from your local authority to be fitted onto your home.

The only exception to this is if you live in a listed building or live in a designated Conservation Area or World Heritage site. Even then, you can still have solar panels installed – onto a roof that isn’t visible from a road.

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*Social Energy figures based upon a new Social Energy connected SolaX battery and a 4kW Solar PV system with JA Solar JAP60S-1-275 panels with an annual panel degradation of 0.5%, installed in April 2019 in the South of England, at a capex of £8,495. Factors include: customer annual electricity consumption of 4000kWh, annual solar generation of 3800kWh, on-site solar usage of 26% (based upon BPVA studies), initial electricity unit rate of 16.45p/kWh with annual electricity inflation of 7.03% (Based upon approved data from the National Office of Statistics). These figures include Social Energy benefits from self-consumption, FFR, grid trading, network avoidance and SE export payment of 5.6p/kWh. Returns include factoring in future forecasted costs of battery system overhaul and solar inverter replacements at year 15. Considering the above factors, the specified system delivers a net benefit of £31,022.30. These calculations demonstrate a 365% ROI for Social Energy.

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