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Effective home of the industry leaders in relation to energy efficiency and renewable technologies, and have over 15 years experience of delivering measures across the whole of the UK. They are part of the Effective Energy group, who service over 10,000 customers per month through a variety of home improvement measures.

Effective home carry all of the industry leading accreditations and compliance management processes as you would expect from a company of their scale. All customer payments are fully protected and bonded through consumer protection bodies, and all renewable technology installations are carried out in conjunction with HIES and the EPVS, which gives the customer complete assurance in relation to the security of payments, the performance of the systems and the financial returns they can expect.

Effective home are members of the MCS which is the industry leading body in relation to the renewable technology market. They are also Trustmark registered and fully compliant with PAS2035 processes which are the industry leading benchmarks for all works in relation to retrofit installation program works and renewable technologies. In addition, as highlighted above, they are also members of HIES and EPVS to give the customers complete reassurance.

All Insulation measures are also fully covered by Trustmark and PAS2035 standards.

  • Customer Full name
  • Customer Contact details
  • Address and Postcode
  • Link to a Map – Google maps, pin on roof – if at all possible
  • Link to EPC if we can
  • Owner occupier – yes/no
  • Energy Bill spend approx
  • Occupier information – how many people live in the house as well as ages
  • Any household member on benefits?

We need to be able to assess funding eligibility and ensure that all customers receive what they are entitled to. This allows us to tailor the measures to their bespoke requirements and present the impact of the measures and benefits

Effective Energy experts in the management and assessment of funding and have access to a variety of funding streams both with local authorities and across National frameworks. They will complete all the necessary checks with regards to funding entitlement and inform the customers as to what funding may be available and manage them through that process in its entirety including all paperwork, compliance and data collection.

Assess customers for Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding, Home Upgrade Grant (HUG), Local Authority Delivery (LAD), Help for Homes (H4H) and the Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) which covers almost all circumstances where funding may be available.

With regards to renewable technologies this is a complex installation process and until a full technical survey is undertaken to understand electrical standards, cable runs, shading implications from nearby trees or chimney stacks for example, and scaffolding requirements a final confirmed price is not possible however, effective recognise the importance of ensuring customers and manage to the system and where possible will absorb a proportion of any additional cost which identified at point of technical survey to ensure the customer journey is not disrupted. Where this is not possible we will work for the customer and explain the circumstances whereby the final quotation may differ.

Indicative costing rate cards will be provided by Effective and broadly speaking most installations stick to this rate card within a small percent. Effective conduct full technical surveys and able to provide a complete final quotation within XXX days of receiving the customer information.

Please complete the form below and one of the Effective Team will be back in touch with you to answer any of your questions

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Effective will provide management information reports daily through the MAB which tracks the customer progress through the journey to complete transparency and relation to commission payments and timeliness of these.

Effective home are delivering a number of workshops and training events over the coming weeks and you will be invited to attend these accordingly. There is also dedicated account managers within Effective who will be looking after all customers that come through this journey so are able to support as needed.

Yes, you are more than welcome to develop your own collateral, all we ask is that anything is sent to us for approval prior to use. please email the [email protected] for any approval or with any requests for collateral.


  • Promise customers industry-leading technology and the best possible installation approach to maximise their return on investment.
  • Assure customers that we will conduct all necessary checks to ensure they receive the full funding they’re entitled to. Emphasise our support throughout the entire process.
  • Promote and educate customers about the importance of energy efficiency in properties.
  • Address concerns about renewable energy costs. Highlight that it’s more affordable than ever, with faster payback periods.
  • Emphasise that customers are in excellent hands with Effective Energy Group. Mention our high Trustpilot scores, first-time fit rates, and Which? accreditation.
  • Explain that the solar industry no longer relies on government feed-in tariffs, as it has become self-sustainable due to improved efficiency and reduced costs.
  • Recommend against using the loft for storage after insulation installation. Explain that the air above the insulation will be cold, making it unsafe for storing perishable goods, clothing, electronics, etc.



  • Don’t over promise what customers may be entitled to.
  • Avoid assuring that funding is available, as it varies based on multiple factors and can differ even between neighbouring houses.
  • Don’t state that everything may be free. Clarify that funding may cover some, but not all, costs.
  • Don’t tell customers we will clear out their loft during loft insulation installations.
  • Don’t promise services outside our scope, such as repairing walls or clearing lofts.
  • Avoid making specific promises about solar payback periods. Provide averages, but explain that actual payback depends on individual usage, property characteristics, and energy demands.

Any further questions? Please contact us